Potential Students

Graduate Students (MSc or PhD)


There are currently openings in the lab for graduate students. Interested students should contact Shaun Boe (s.boe@dal.ca) anytime throughout the year. Students may pursue either an MSc or PhD degree in the lab through the Neuroscience Graduate program via the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience. Alternatively, students may choose to pursue an MSc (Rehabilitation Research) or PhD (Health) through the School of Physiotherapy. Funding is available for qualified students, including full tuition, fees and a monthly stipend.

Applicants with an interest in translational neurotechnology and rehabilitation may pursue additional training through RADIANT, an NSERC supported program that is unique to Dalhousie University. Interested applicants are encouraged to consult these websites (via the links below) for admission details, program requirements, and funding support for the program of interest.

Undergraduate Students

Involvement of undergraduate students in research is encouraged in the lab. Each year the lab accepts a number of research undergraduate students. Interested students should contact Shaun Boe (s.boe@dal.ca) anytime throughout the year (but before March if planning on pursuing an honours project), to discuss potential openings and qualifications.

Summer Students and Lab Volunteers

Opportunities for summer students and lab volunteers will vary throughout the year. Interested students/volunteers should contact Shaun Boe (s.boe@dal.ca) to discuss potential openings. Summer students with an interest in technology and rehabilitation should consult the RADIANT website for training opportunities. Interested and qualified NSERC funded undergraduate summer studentship (USRA) applicants should contact Shaun Boe (s.boe@dal.ca) no later than December for the succeeding summer.


Opportunities exist for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students through the Rehabilitative and Diagnostic Innovation in Applied NeuroTechnology (RADIANT) program. RADIANT is a NSERC funded program hosted at Dalhousie and directed by lab collaborator Dr. Aaron Newman. As a RADIANT faculty member, Dr. Boe can supervise RADIANT trainees in the laboratory. Interested trainees can get more details on the RADIANT website or contact Shaun Boe (s.boe@dal.ca).

Graduate Program Links

Department of Psychology Graduate Programs (MSc & PhD)

School of Physiotherapy – MSc (Rehabilitation Research) 

School of Physiotherapy – Joint Program (combined clinical and research MSc)

PhD Health

Graduate Student Funding

There are a number of government and charitable agencies that provide opportunities for graduate student support in the form of scholarships and fellowships. Individuals interested in graduate degrees through the Neurophysiology Lab are encouraged to consult the links below for information on funding. Potential applicants are reminded that applications for funding are usually due well in advance of the onset of the degree program.

Graduate Student Funding Links

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (HSFC)

Killam Trusts

Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation (NSHRF)

RADIANT (Rehabilitative and Diagnostic Innovation in Applied NeuroTechnology)

Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship (MSc & PhD)