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3MT Finalist!

Congratulations to lab member Juliet Rowe who not only made the finals in Dalhousie’s 3MT competition, but came in 2nd! Juliet was one of 11 finalists to compete, and her 3MT ‘Does size really matter’ was a hit with the judges!

LBRF Member Ernest Ng Wins Neuroscience Award

Congratulations to LBRF member Ernest Ng (BSc Honours Psychology & Neuroscience) on winning The 2022 David & Ruth Hubel Undergraduate Neuroscience Award. The award is made possible by 1981 Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine Dr. David Hubel and his wife Ruth Hubel, and it is awarded by the Department of Psychology & Neuroscience’s Awards Committee. The award is given to a fourth year Neuroscience Honours student who shows outstanding potential as a researcher in Neuroscience. Well done, Ernest!

And another MSc…

David presenting his MSc thesis work on learning model action observation for motor learning.

Congratulations to lab member David Bowman on the successful defense of his MSc work. David explored whether observing a learning model was more effective for learning a complex motor skill compared to observing a skilled model. While the results were not conclusive in supporting a learning model, his work was a great step to understanding at what stage in skill acquisition a learning model may be more effective than a skilled model. Congrats on the successful defense David!

Congrats to Devan!

Congratulations to lab member Devan Pancura on the successful defense of her MSc. Devan’s work examined theories of motor imagery and the impact of task fidelity. Specifically, Devan looked at how excitability of the brain scales as one performs or imagines performing a gripping task, and whether or not prior exposure to the task alters how the brain excitability scales. Findings best support that imagery is a simulation of motor action. Great job on the project and defense Devan!

Devan’s was the first in-person defense for the lab since the onset of the pandemic.

We’re hiring!

The lab is seeking a post doctoral fellow (PDF) to join a multidisciplinary team that is part of an academic-industry partnership. The PDF would lead efforts in developing machine learning methods for analyzing data related to post-stroke motor recovery. The position is funded and available immediately. Remote work is supported. A full description of the position, including required skills can be found here.

Congratulations Stephanie!

Congratulations to LBRF member Stephanie Shewchuk who successfully defended her MSc work today. With Stephanie’s lab-based work examining the effect of aerobic exercise on cognitive function shelved owing to the pandemic, she pivoted to complete a scoping review that looked at the effect of high intensity aerobic exercise on executive function. Steph’s findings indicate that there is wide variability in the literature from a methodological perspective, and little evidence to suggest there is an effect. Kudos to you Stephanie on the work and a great defense!

Physical Exercise For Brain Development in Youth - Your Therapy Source

New faculty announcement!

Congratulations to our first PhD grad Dr. Sarah Kraeutner who officially started a faculty position at UBCO July 1. Sarah joins UBCO following her PhD in the LBRF and a post-doctoral fellowship in the Brain & Behaviour Lab with Dr. Lara Boyd at UBC (Vancouver). Check out Sarah’s new website to find out more about her research or to join her for graduate training.

Scholarship Success

Congratulations to MSc student Cassidy Klein who received an NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS-M). This scholarship will provide funding for Cassidy during her MSc that is examining the influence of lactate on brain excitability during moderate intensity aerobic exercise. Congratulations on this success Cassidy – you earned it!

Dr. Chris Friesen newest Lab Alumni

Screenshot of Chris’s (remote) doctoral defense from March 19th, 2021. Clockwise from top left are supervisory committee members Drs. Heather Neyedli and Aaron Newman, Dept. representative Dr. Igor Yakovenko, doctoral candidate Chris Friesen, Defense Chair Dr. Catherine Too, and external examiner (McGill University) Dr. Joyce Fung.

Congratulations to newest lab alumni Dr. Chris Friesen, who successfully defended his PhD work Friday March 19th, 2021. Dr. Friesen’s research focused on the development and validation of a portable function near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) device to aid in recovery of movement lost to neurological disorders such as stroke. Dr. Friesen’s research is part of the R&D initiatives of Axem Neurotechnology (, a company co-founded by Dr. Friesen (alongside Tony Ingram and Mike Lawrence) during his graduate studies. Special thanks to committee members and the external examiner for a thorough and thought-provoking line of questioning. Congratulations Dr. Friesen!

Welcome back, Dr. Kraeutner

In response to a request for information about setting up a lab, The Brain Repair Centre is excited to welcome back to Dalhousie Dr Sarah Kraeutner, who is a recent LBRF graduate, having completed her Masters and PhD in Psychology & Neuroscience under the supervision of Dr Shaun Boe, Faculty of Health. Sarah is now a postdoc at UBC and will join us to share her story in a talk titled: “Learning, learning, learning: the three stages of my career (to-date) as a neuroscientist“ on Thursday February 11th @ 12.30 p.m. AT. Contact for an invite to this virtual event.

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