Congratulations to Anwaar – our newest MSc!

Screenshot from Anwaar’s remote defense – a big thanks to committee members Drs. Michel Ladouceur (top left), Marilyn Mackay-Lyons (top right) and Graduate Chair Dr. Cheryl Kozey (bottom right). If you look close at the inset image you can see Daisy (the Boe Family Dog) who was on a sharp lookout during the defense.

There has to be some benefit to working remotely and we found it today – despite horrible weather in Nova Scotia we were able to move forward with Anwaar Hariri’s thesis defense. Anwaar did a wonderful job of presenting her MSc work, which examined the evidence related to the ability of aerobic exercise to increase corticospinal excitability. Anwaar’s work shows that while there is evidence to support the effectiveness of moderate intensity aerobic exercise to achieve this, there is a lot of variability in the research done to date. Anwaar’s thesis highlights this variability and makes suggestions on how we can move this work forward. Anwaar’s thesis will be posted in the ‘Publications’ section of the website as soon as it is submitted. Congratulations Anwaar!