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And the reno is done!

At long last, our lab renovation is complete! As they say, good things come to those who wait, and this is no exception. Members of the lab are excited to have a new, modern space – in total, the lab features approximately 2400 sq ft of space, including 3 behavioural suites for experiments, a dedicated area for brain stimulation work, and a new student space. Great features include a change room, white board walls and new storage for our high performance computing. Looking forward to a lot of great work in the coming years! Stay tuned for a lab opening party…

RIO Meeting

Members of the lab are just returning from Bielefeld, Germany, where they attended the annual meeting of the Research in Imagery and Observation (RIO) group. The two day meeting featured poster and oral presentations related to research in imagery and observation, and included an invited talk by lab director Shaun Boe. PhD students Sarah Kraeutner and Jack Solomon also presented work on assessment in motor imagery, as well as the neural processes underlying motor planning in motor imagery. A great meeting not only for the talks, but the formation of future collaborations with RIO members. Even a bit of time to squeeze in some drinks in Frankfurt! Looking forward to seeing everyone again in Teeside in 2019.

A sporting good time!

Members of the lab recently entered into a friendly wager with colleagues from the ActionLab and the CaMP Lab, with the winner of some different games being hosted for lunch by the losers. Games included Goal Ball, Dodgeball and Soccer (with a rugby ball!). Good times were had by all, and the lab looks forward to making lunch for the members of the Action and CaMP Labs (yes, we lost…).

An afternoon with the Prez…

Members of the lab recently hosted Dalhousie’s President, Richard Florizone, for drinks at the new Stillwell Beer garden. Great conversation ensued, including discussion related to the student experience (good and bad), the future of the University, and of course Tony’s shirt (which featured black and white lemurs if you look closely!). A huge thanks to Richard for being an open and accessible President!

Prez Beers

Member of the lab were joined Dal President Richard Florizone (who takes great group selfies!) for an afternoon drink a the beergarden and some conversation related to the student experience.

Prez Beers2

Physiotherapy Month

May is National Physiotherapy month and to get the word out about physiotherapy and research Lab Director Shaun Boe paid a visit to the CTV studio in Halifax. Check out the interview which aired as part of the morning show here.

Easter Dinner!

Members of the lab congregated at Shaun’s house this past weekend to share some great food and company for an Easter celebration. These events showcase the true talents of the students — COOKING! Check out some of the great dishes!





Neuroscience as Art

Check out and bid on this year’s ‘Neuroscience as Art’ at our online auction for Brain Awareness Week. You can bid on these wonderful images (framed by Frame Plus Art here in Halifax) here.  All proceeds go the MS Society.


One of the ‘Neuroscience as Art’ images available for bidding. All images are custom-framed by Frame Plus Art.


Brain Awareness Week

Another great Brain Awareness Week here at Dalhousie. Members of the lab were busy this week at different events, including the Brain Fair, where neuroscience labs provided demonstrations and hands-on fun and games for people of all ages. LBRF members helped students with their TMS target practice as well as controlling a robot with their brainwaves!


PhD student Sarah Kraeutner demonstrates neuronavigated TMS at the Brain Fair. Kids had the chance to hone their TMS skills. While the event was stimulating, no one’s actual brain was stimulated!

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