PhD defence prep

July 2019 – Sarah Kraeutner, PhD Neuroscience Candidate, in the Lab prepping for her PhD defence with some help from JungWoo Lee, MSc Rehabilitation Research/Physiotherapy. Good luck, Sarah!

Brittany Roberts wins Heart & Stroke Bright Red Award

November 2018 – Congratulations to Brittany Roberts, MSc Rehabilitation Research, on her Bright Red Award. The Heart & Stroke BrightRed Student Research Awards Program is a donor-funded investment that supports students at the Masters, Doctoral, Postdoctoral, and Doctor of Medicine levels studying in Nova Scotia and pursuing research that has implications for one of the following target areas:
· Children and youth;
· Health promotion;
· Resuscitation and acute intervention; and
· Care giving, recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration.

Well done, Brittany!

End of term news

As we wrap up the winter term, congratulations are in order for our many undergraduate students. Honours students Mariam El-Serafi, Julie Morrissey and Dennis Brown all successfully completed their study’s, as did 3rd year Directed Study students Jung-Woo Lee and Hailey Zwicker. Kudos to everyone on a great job. Looking forward to seeing the results of these projects come together in some papers!

And the reno is done!

At long last, our lab renovation is complete! As they say, good things come to those who wait, and this is no exception. Members of the lab are excited to have a new, modern space – in total, the lab features approximately 2400 sq ft of space, including 3 behavioural suites for experiments, a dedicated area for brain stimulation work, and a new student space. Great features include a change room, white board walls and new storage for our high performance computing. Looking forward to a lot of great work in the coming years! Stay tuned for a lab opening party…

RIO Meeting

Members of the lab are just returning from Bielefeld, Germany, where they attended the annual meeting of the Research in Imagery and Observation (RIO) group. The two day meeting featured poster and oral presentations related to research in imagery and observation, and included an invited talk by lab director Shaun Boe. PhD students Sarah Kraeutner and Jack Solomon also presented work on assessment in motor imagery, as well as the neural processes underlying motor planning in motor imagery. A great meeting not only for the talks, but the formation of future collaborations with RIO members. Even a bit of time to squeeze in some drinks in Frankfurt! Looking forward to seeing everyone again in Teeside in 2019.

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