Brain Awareness Week

During the week of March 11th-15th, the Laboratory for Brain Recovery and Function (LBRF) organized and engaged in “Brain Awareness Week”. BAW is a campaign that seeks to increase public knowledge surrounding the importance and benefit of brain research. This global event is meant to engage people of all ages and provide a point of contact between the community, researchers, and organizations.

Dr. Shaun Boe, with the assistance of Janet Green, was the coordinator for BAW Halifax. Due to the support of local volunteers, groups, and associations, the LBRF was able to provide free events such as:

  • Brain Fair – Information and demonstrations for a healthier brain (pics 1 and 2 below)
  • Brain Trivia Night – a fun-filled night of “brain” facts (pic 3 below)
  • Discovery Centre Brain Activities  and Demonstration – a great way for all ages to learn about the brain in an interactive environment
  • Brain Awareness Week Talk – featuring Dr. Rudolf Uher and his discussion on “Genes and environment in the development of mental health and illness“.

We from LBRF wanted to say thank you to all of those who joined us in this year’s Brain Awareness Week. It could not have been possible without the support and enthusiasm of all those involved.

Pic 1 - Brain Fair

Pic 2 - Brain Fair

Pic 3 - Brain Trivia